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Effective January 2016, NEPA documents and NHPA status are available on the ePlanning NEPA register. This page is available for archival purposes only. New projects will no longer be posted to this page.

Needles NEPA Documents and NHPA Status -ARCHIVE-

The table below shows the Needles NEPA documents that are currently being developed or have recently been completed. The table also shows the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) status for each action. Some of the documents in that table are available on-line and can be downloaded by clicking the entry in the Type column.

There is a legend available which describes NEPA terms and NHPA terms.

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Project Number Type Program Description Geographic Location Contact Status Initiated Completed NHPA Status Field Office Fiscal Year
DOI-BLM-CA-D090-2016-0001-CXCXLands and RealtyRevise condition of Approval 19Cadiz LakeBill Webster
760 326 7006
In Process02/05/2015EXMNeedles 2016
DOI-BLM-CA-D090-2016-0012-CXCXLands and RealtySouthern California Edison proposes to renew a 16kV distribution lineDanby lake bedWilliam B. Webster
in process02/02/2016NHANeedles 2016
L1150CXWildlifeThe Proposed Action is to authorize 29 Palms Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center to move desert tortoise onto lands managed by the Needles Field Office as part of their implementation of their Desert Tortoise Translocation Plan.One site North of 29 Palms marine Corps Air Ground Combat CenterChris Otahal
Pending 7-day Cultural Public Review Period03/02/2016NHANeedles 2016
DOI-BLM-CA-D090-2016-CXCXLands and RealtyUniversity of Arizona has requested to renew their permit to conduct scientific studies on the Ivanpah dry lake bed. Specifically, the action consists of vicarious calibration of earth observing satellites in collaboration with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and the French and Japanese space agencies. Northern Ivanpah ValleyWilliam B. Webster
Decision issued12/01/201501/07/2016NHANeedles 2016
DOI-BLM-CA-D090-2015-0013-EAEALands and RealtyInterConnect Towers,LLC is requesting to construct, operate, and maintain a Communication SiteHolloran SpringsWilliam B. Webster
In Process03/25/2015NHANeedles 2015
DOI-BLM-CA-D090-0013-EAEALands and RealtyInterConnect Towers, LLC Commuunication towers proposal Torqoise Mtn, Hollaran SpringsBIll Webster
In progress03/20/2015NHANeedles 2015
CA-090-0015-EAEARangeLazy Daisy Fence ExtensionLara Kobelt
In progress04/02/2015NHANeedles 2015
DOI-BLM-CA-D090-2014-0016-CXCXRecreationAMA District 37 Los Angeles to Barstow to Las Vegas 5 Year PermitNeedles Field Office Open Routes North of I-15E. Downing
Signed08/04/2014EXMNeedles 2014
DOI-BLM-CA-D090-2015-0024-CXCXLands and RealtySouthern California Edison submitted an application to extend a power line across I-15 to the Joint Port of Entry IvanpahWilliam B. Webster
Decision issued08/13/201502/12/2016NHANeedles 2015
DOI-BLM-CA-D090-2016-0002-CXCXLands and RealtyRenew 33kV Distribution LineValley WellsWilliam B. Webster
760 326 7006
Decision issued10/20/201512/10/2015NHANeedles 2016

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