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Effective January 2016, NEPA documents and NHPA status are available on the ePlanning NEPA register. This page is available for archival purposes only. New projects will no longer be posted to this page.

Eagle Lake NEPA Documents and NHPA Status -ARCHIVE-

The table below shows the Eagle Lake NEPA documents that are currently being developed or have recently been completed. The table also shows the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) status for each action. Some of the documents in that table are available on-line and can be downloaded by clicking the entry in the Type column.

There is a legend available which describes NEPA terms and NHPA terms.

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Project Number Type Program Description Geographic Location Contact Status Initiated Completed NHPA Status Field Office Fiscal Year
DOI-BLM-CA-N050-2016-12-CXCXRangeClarke Allotment boundary fence removal. The BLM proposes to remove an abandoned allotment boundary barbed wire fence from Priority Sage-grouse (PHMA) habitat.East of the town of Ravendale, CA. T33N, R14E, Section 12, 13, T35N, R15E, Section 7Amy King
(530) 252-5317
In Progress05/17/2016Eagle Lake 2016
DOI-BLM-CA-N050-2016-09-CXCXRecreationThe Lassen Land and Trails Trust has applied to the BLM, Eagle Lake Field Office to use approximately 2.25 miles of non-motorized trails on Coyote Bluff, an 80 acre parcel of BLM land adjacent to Lassen County’s Susanville Ranch Park, in conjunction with running races on the trails at Lassen County’s Susanville Ranch Park for May 14th, 2016. The event is called the Paiute Meadows Trail Run. The Bizz Running Company, a local trail running company that puts on community running events is volunteering to put on the race for Lassen Land and Trails Trust.Stan Bales
Pending04/11/2016Eagle Lake 2016
DOI-BLM-CA-N050-2016-05-EAEAForestryThe BLM proposes to reduce high densities of Jeffrey pine and reduce surface, ladder, and canopy fuel loadings within a 558 acre project area. Clifton Motheral
(530) 252-5308.
Pending04/11/2016Eagle Lake 2016
CA-N050-2014-30EARangeSatica Spring Development Humphrey 3C Allotment, TT31N, R14E Gustafson, Amy
In Progress. Scoping ends 9/2/1404/10/2014CMPEagle Lake 2014
CA-N050-2015-04CXLands and RealtyRight-of-Way CACA 55740. Petes Valley RanchOff of Horse Lake Road, near Black MountainPoulsen, Jill
In Progress11/21/2014NAEEagle Lake 2015
CA-N050-2015-03CXWild horse and burroRemoval of Nuisance Burros on Private Land Stony Creek Ranch Farris, Patrick
In Progress 10/14/2014CMPEagle Lake 2015
CA-N050-2014-23EALands and RealtyR&PP Landfill Conveyances Bass Hill, Stones, Herlong, Madeline Plains. Poulsen, Jill
Canceled01/29/2014CMPEagle Lake 2014
DOI-BLM-CA-N050-2015-005-EAEALands and RealtyConvayence of four landfills and transfer stations currently authorized through the Recreation and Public Purposes (R&PP) Act to the Lassen Regional Solid Waste Authority Bass Hill, Herlong, Stones, and Madeline Jill Poulsen
Pending01/29/2014CMPEagle Lake 2015
DOI-BLM-CAN050-2015-22-CXCXRangeGrazing preference transfer on the Humphrey 3C Allotment.20 miles northeast of Susanville, CAAmy Gustafson
(530) 252-5317
pending06/25/2013CMPEagle Lake 2015
DOI-BLM-CA-N050-2016-03 CXCXRecreationThe proposed action is to issue an SRP to Banner Lassen Medical Center for a 5K Walk and Run fundraiser event. The event would be for the medical centers staff and family members to participate in to raise funds for Crossroads Ministries in Susanville, a food service and assistance organization that helps homeless and needy people in the Susanville area.The Banner Lassen Medical Center’s 5 kilometer (K) Walk and Run would begin and end at Hobo Camp trailhead on the Bizz Johnson Trail. Hobo Camp trailhead is located within Lassen County, California, approximately .6 miles west of the Susanville Railroad DStan Bales
Pending11/02/2015EXMEagle Lake 2016

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