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Project Number Type Program Description Geographic Location Contact Status Initiated Completed NHPA Status Field Office Fiscal Year
DOI-BLM-CAC-070-2013-0031EARangeBlack Rock Mine Well and Trough. The proposed action is to equip an existing, but currently unused, groundwater well at Black Rock Mine with a solar pump system, water storage tank, water trough for domestic livestock, and connections to service a wildlife drinker. Total disturbance footprint for this proposed project would be less than 0.1 acres. The project would be located entirely within an area previously disturbed by the old mining operation at Black Rock Mine.Hammil Valley, Benton Management AreaDale Johnson
760 872-5055
In progress.04/09/2013NHABishop 2013
DOI-BLM-CAC-070-2013-0022CXLands and RealtySCE 55KV ROW RenewalChalfant ValleyLarry Primosch
760 872-5031
Cancelled01/21/2013EXMBishop 2013
DOI-BLM-CAC-070-2013-0015EANoxious weedsInvasive Plant TreatmentField Office WideCasey Boyd
760 872-5025
Cancelled.12/03/2012Bishop 2013
DOI-BLM-CAC-070-2013-0025EALands and RealtyMono City Secondary Ingress/Egress Gravel RoadMono BasinLarry Primosch
760 872-5031
Completed02/12/201304/08/2014NAEBishop 2013
DOI-BLM-CAC-070-2013-0016EAFisheriesLittle Alkali Spring Mosquitofish EradicationLong Valley, Little Alkali SpringDale Johnson
760 872-5055
Completed12/27/201206/11/2014NAEBishop 2013
DOI-BLM-CAC-070-2013-0018-EAEARiparian managementIndian Spring Headcut Stabilization and Riparian Habitat Improvement ProjectGranite Mountain Management AreaDale Johnson
Completed01/08/201306/11/2014NAEBishop 2013
DOI-BLM-CAC-070-2013_0050EALands and RealtyLADWP Owens Basin Monitoring Well CACA 054550Owens Lake Basin, West SideLarry Primosch
(760) 872-5031
Completed08/03/201309/10/2013Bishop 2013
DOI-BLM-CAC-070-2013-0025FONSLands and RealtyFONSI for Mono City Road EAMono BasinLarry Primosch
(760) 872-5031
Completed 11/30/199908/05/2013Bishop 2013
DOI-BLM-CAC-070-2013-0021CXLands and RealtySCE 12KV Distribution Line RenewalBentonLarry Primosch
760 872-5031
Completed01/21/201305/15/2013Bishop 2013
DOI-BLM-CAC-070-2013-0036DNALands and RealtyJeff Jukes ACA FilmsAlabama HillsDonna McMullen
760 872-5021
Cancelled04/22/201304/25/2013Bishop 2013

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