Bishop NEPA Documents and NHPA Status

The table below shows the Bishop NEPA documents that are currently being developed or have recently been completed. The table also shows the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) status for each action. Some of the documents in that table are available on-line and can be downloaded by clicking the entry in the Type column.

There is a legend available which describes NEPA terms and NHPA terms.

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Project Number Type Program Description Geographic Location Contact Status Initiated Completed NHPA Status Field Office Fiscal Year
DOI-BLM-CAC-070-2015-0042CXLands and RealtyThe proposed action is to issue a two-day motion photography film permit (CACA 056297) to Amy Young of the BBC Broadcasting House, UK. The proposed filming would take place in the in the Bodie Hills in Mono County, California. There would be five crewmembers and two passenger vehicles. The applicant would also utilize a helicopter for filming purposes over public land. The helicopter would lift-off and land on non-public land. The applicant would be filming the Pika in its natural habitat. The filming would take place over seven days. All filming while on the ground would be within previously disturbed areas. Bodie Hills, Mono County, CaliforniaRich Williams
Pending09/02/2015Bishop 2015
DOI-BLM-CAC-2015-0038-DNADNALands and RealtyGBUAPCD Keeler Dunes Dust Mitigation Project Plan adjustment. The project would add additional straw bales witihin the existing project footprintKeeler Dunes, near Keeler CaliforniaLarry Primosch
760 872 5031
completed08/05/201508/19/2015NAEBishop 2015
DOI-BLB-CAC-070-2015-0041-CXCXLands and RealtyAmend existing drainage channel ROW CACA 049807 for a landfill monitoring wellBridgeport, California; landfill north of townLarry Primosch
in progress08/27/2015NAEBishop 2015
DOI-BLM-CAC-070-2015-0040-cxCXLands and RealtyAmend existing CBC fiber optic ROW CACA 052376 for 150 foot long lateral extension within existing dirt road.Sulfate road south of Keeler, California servicing LADWP Owens Lake Project OfficeLarry Primosch
In Progress08/26/2015NAEBishop 2015
DOI-BLM-CAC-070-2015-0037-EAEARecreationThe purpose of the project is to construct and sign a single track trail on public land that will extend the existing Whitney Portal National Recreation Trail from the BLM/USFS land boundary near Lone Pine Campground to the town of Lone Pine, CA. Additionally the project would obliterate and naturalize excess user-created trails.Alabama Hills, Inyo County, California; Bishop RMP Owens Valley Management Area/Alabama Hills Special Recreation Management Area; T15S, R35E, Portions of Sections 14, 19, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, MDB&M Rebecca Brooke
In Progress07/24/2015NHABishop 2015
DOI-BLM-CAC-070-2015-012-CXCXLands and RealtyRenewal of existing telephone line ROW CACA 005429 where no new facilities or disturbances are proposedMDB&M, CA, T. 1 S., R. 32 E., Sec. 16, NW1/4SW1/4; Sec 17, N1/2SE1/4.larry Primosch
760 872 5031
Completed02/02/201502/09/2015EXMBishop 2015
EA DOI-BLM-CAC-070-2015-032DNARecreationThe purpose of the project would be to reduce impacts to vegetation and return to a natural state an unauthorized route and two vehicle parking areas along a road commonly known as Shark’s Fin Road in the Alabama Hills, Lone pine, California. This would be accomplished by delineating with boulders an existing authorized parking area (approximately 400 sq. ft.) that is denuded of vegetation adjacent to Shark’s Fin Road and closing and barricading the unauthorized routes and parking areas by strategically placing boulders to prevent vehicle entry and planting of seedlings in damaged areas.Alabama Hills, Inyo County California; Bishop RMP Owens Valley Management Area, NW ¼ section of the SE ¼ section 25, T15S, R36E MDMRebecca Brooke
DNA completed, Decision Record signed 07/28/201501/23/201507/28/2015NHABishop 2015
DOI-BLM-CAC-070-2014-0016CXRecreationPoleta Canyon OHV Open Area Facility Operations and MaintenancePoleta Canyon OHV Open AreaRich Williams
CX completed and Decision Record signed on 7/16/201503/31/201407/16/2015NHABishop 2014
DOI-BLM-CAC-070-2014-0030-EAEANoxious weedsInvasive Plant ManagementField Office-wide.Casey Boyd
EA completed, Finding of No Significant Impact and Decision Record signed 07/24/201502/13/201307/24/2015NAEBishop 2014
DOI-BLM-CAC-070-2015-031-CXCXWildland fireThis project proposes to re-locate an existing Fire Prevention sign on Hogback Rd. (14S04) to the intersection of Movie Rd and Hogback Rd (N 36 38.852 x 118 8.563). Additionally, the project proposes to add a new Fire Prevention sign just north of the intersection of Whitney Portal Rd. and Movie Rd. (N 36 35.842 x 118 6.825). Signs are double-sided 32”X44” kiosks that carry fire prevention messages (ie. “Drown Campfires”). Both signs would be installed without concrete; installation would require digging two holes 18-24 inches deep approximately 36 inches apart.North end of Movie Rd and Hogback is: N 36 38.852 x 118 8.563 South end of Movie Rd and Whitney portal is: N 36 35.842 x 118 6.825 Alabama Hills, Inyo County, California; Bishop RMP Owens Valley Management Area/Alabama Hills Special Recreation ManagemenRebecca Brooke
CX completed and Decision Record signed 7/16/201507/07/201507/16/2015EXMBishop 2015

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