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La Posa TMP
Maps & Documentation

Route Alternative Maps

Map A – No Action Alternative  (no map provided) - This map would not establish a designated route network and would continue existing travel management policies.

Map B – Access Alternative - This map proposes to establish a designated route network that maximizes motorized and non-motorized access across public lands.

Map C – Proposed Alternative - This map proposes to establish a designated route network that is in-between Alternatives B and D.

Map D – Preservation Alternative - This map proposes to establish a designated route network that maximizes the protection of natural, cultural, and scenic resource values of the public lands.

Detailed Route Maps 

Map Thumbnails5421 Kb01/21/2015
Alt-B-Base.pdf2516 Kb01/21/2015
Alt-B-Open-Only.pdf2204 Kb01/21/2015
Alt-B-Section-1A-and-1B.pdf1419 Kb01/21/2015
Alt-B-Section-1C.pdf1784 Kb01/21/2015
Alt-B-Section-2A-and-2B.pdf1474 Kb01/21/2015
Alt-B-Section-2C.pdf1599 Kb01/21/2015
Alt-B-Section-3-and-3B.pdf2283 Kb01/21/2015
Alt-B-Section-4A.pdf2014 Kb01/21/2015
Alt-B-Section-4B.pdf1232 Kb01/21/2015
Alt-B-Section-5A-and-North-5B.pdf1681 Kb01/21/2015
Alt-B-Section-South-5B-and-5C.pdf1838 Kb01/21/2015
Alt-C-Base.pdf2553 Kb01/21/2015
Alt-C-Open-Only.pdf2105 Kb01/21/2015
Alt-C-Section-1A-and-1B.pdf1381 Kb01/21/2015
Alt-C-Section-1C.pdf1730 Kb01/21/2015
Alt-C-Section-2A-and-2B.pdf1449 Kb01/21/2015
Alt-C-Section-2C.pdf1571 Kb01/21/2015
Alt-C-Section-3A-and-3B.pdf1776 Kb01/21/2015
Alt-C-Section-4A.pdf1563 Kb01/21/2015
Alt-C-Section-4B.pdf1222 Kb01/21/2015
Alt-C-Section-5A-and-North-5B.pdf1332 Kb01/21/2015
Alt-C-Section-South-5B-and-5C.pdf1849 Kb01/21/2015
Alt-D-Base.pdf2587 Kb01/21/2015
Alt-D-Open-Only.pdf1972 Kb01/21/2015
Alt-D-Section-1A-and-1B.pdf1136 Kb01/21/2015
Alt-D-Section-1C.pdf1661 Kb01/21/2015
Alt-D-Section-2A-and-2B.pdf1411 Kb01/21/2015
Alt-D-Section-2C.pdf1516 Kb01/21/2015
Alt-D-Section-3A-and-3B.pdf1728 Kb01/21/2015
Alt-D-Section-4A.pdf1518 Kb01/21/2015
Alt-D-Section-4B.pdf1200 Kb01/21/2015
Alt-D-Section-5A-and-North-5B.pdf1317 Kb01/21/2015
Alt-D-Section-South-5B-and-5C.pdf1823 Kb01/21/2015