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The Imperial Hills Travel Management Plan (TMP) area is between Hidden Shores RV Park on the south and the community of Martinez Lake on the north, Yuma Proving Ground on the east, with the Colorado River marking the western boundary in the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Yuma Field Office (see Maps & Documents page).

A TMP for the area is being developed to establish route designations to adequately provide motorized and non-motorized access to public lands.  The route system will be designed to accommodate local travel needs, protect public safety and resources on the public lands, and prevent or minimize conflicts between users. 

The TMP will support the agency’s mission and land use planning goals and objectives to provide for resource management, public and administrative access, transportation needs, and promote sustainable landscapes for future generations. During the process, BLM will use the principles of multiple use and sustained yield; use a systematic interdisciplinary approach; give priority to the designation and protection of areas of critical environmental concern; rely, to the extent it is available, on the inventory of the public lands; consider present and potential uses of public lands; consider the relative scarcity of the values involved and the availability of alternative means and sites for realizing those values; weigh long-term benefits to the public against short-term benefits; and consider the policies of approved State and Tribal land resource management programs.

For more information on the Imperial Hills TMP, please contact Ray Castro at the BLM Yuma Field Office at 928-317-3251.


In 1972, President Nixon signed Executive Order 11644 which mandated the designation of routes as either open, closed, or limited on all Public Lands. Route designation is accomplished through a Travel Management Plan (TMP). Travel Management Planning evaluates and designates both motorized and non-motorized use.

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