What Is Comprehensive Travel Management?

Comprehensive Travel Management is the proactive management of public access, natural resources and regulatory needs to ensure that all aspects of road and trail system planning and on the management are considered. This includes resource management, road and trail design, maintenance, and recreation and non-recreation uses of the roads and trails. Travel activities in this context, incorporates access needs and the effects of all forms of travel both motorized and non-motorized.

Travel Management Planning

BLM identifies its transportation system through interdisciplinary assessments and analysis. Official route designation (roads, primitive roads and trails) occurs with the completion of a Travel Management Plan (TMP). TMPs contain management objectives, prescriptions, and actions that explain how identified transportation systems and associated lands are to be managed and used to meet public needs.

In Arizona, Districts and Field Offices utilize a systematic, analytical tool known as the Route Evaluation Process. It was developed by Advanced Resource Solutions in the early 2000s, while BLM was designating portions of the California Desert District. Along with public input, this process allows staff to review and analyze existing and proposed route network alternatives, while studying effects on critical natural and cultural resources. Results are reviewed by the public, prior to official designation and issue of the TMP.

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