Mohave & Milltown Railroad Trails

TRAIL DESCRIPTION:  The M&M Railroad Trails are intertwined as they follow the route of an historic railroad grade.  Hikers and mountain bikers travel along the actual railroad grade for most of the way, although detours are sometimes necessary where the grade has washed away from flooding.  OHV and equestrian users follow a route which does not lie on the grade, but parallels and frequently crosses the railroad bed.  Both routes are marked with signs and rock cairns to keep visitors on course.


TRAIL DISTANCE:  Both trails are about 7 miles long

DIFFICULTY:  Easy for all types of use.  Mountain bikers may have to walk bikes through the loose sand of wash crossings.

TRAIL TYPE:  The trail that lies on the actual railbed is limited to use by hikers and mountain bikers.  Off-highway vehicles and horseback users are requested to use the parallel trail, specially-designed for those uses.

BEST SEASON:  Anytime from September through May.  In the event of plentiful winter rain, wildflowers can be abundant February through April.

ELEVATION:  850 feet to 1,960 feet


BLM SURFACE MANAGEMENT MAP:  California 1:100,000 - Needles

U.S.G.S. TOPOGRAPHIC MAPS:  Arizona 7.5 minute - Boundary Cone; Arizona 7.5 minute - Needles NE

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