Arizona Strip , Vermilion Cliffs &
Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monuments
Final Documents

In February 2008, the BLM signed Record of Decisions (RODs) for the Arizona Strip Field Office (ASFO), Grand Canyon Parashant National Monument (GCPNM), and Vermilion Cliffs National Monument (VCNM) Resource Management Plans (RMPs). The BLM prepared one Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to support the three RMPs. Together, the three RMPs provide management direction for 2,768,206 acres of BLM-administered land in northwest Arizona. The three RMPs replaced the Arizona Strip District RMP (1992).

A summary of the 5th year evaluation of the 3 RMP's, the first evaluation of the 2008 RMPs which fulfills BLM’s duties under 43 CFR 1610.4-9, is now available for your review. The Arizona Strip District Office (ASDO) Management Team seeks to use this plan evaluation in three ways: 1) to gain a greater understanding of effectiveness monitoring systems in place; 2) to establish a baseline for the 10 year evaluation; and 3) to develop communications material regarding plan implementation to be shared with stakeholders.

RODs, Approved RMPs, and Final EIS