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Lake Havasu Field Office
Final Documents

After several years of collaborative effort, the Lake Havasu Field Office (LHFO) Resource Management Plan (RMP) was completed.  The Record of Decision (ROD) approves BLM's proposal to manage the BLM-administered public lands within LHFO as presented in the attached Approved Resource Management Plan (Approved RMP). The ROD links final land use plan decisions to the proposed decisions and analysis presented in the Proposed RMP/Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) that was released on September 22, 2006, and subject to a 30-day protest period that ended on October 23, 2006. One protest letter was received. The protest was reviewed by the BLM Assistant Director, Renewable Resources and Planning in Washington, D. C. After careful consideration of all points raised in the protest, the Assistant Director concluded the responsible planning team and decision makers followed all applicable laws, regulations, policies and pertinent resource considerations in developing the Proposed Plan in the FEIS. Minor adjustments or points of clarification incorporated into the RMP in response to issues raised in the protest process and final BLM review are discussed in the ROD under the sections titled Modifications and Clarifications. The protest review did not result in any significant changes to the Proposed Plan.

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