Ironwood Forest National Monument

Record of Decision and Approved Resource Management Plan

Protest Resolution Report

The Record of Decision and Approved Resource Management Plan (ROD/Approved RMP) for the Ironwood Forest National Monument (IFNM) is completed as of February 25, 2013.  The ROD/Approved RMP is available at the link above.

The Approved RMP presents direction for management of the Ironwood Forest National Monument (IFNM), which has taken into consideration comments received by other governmental agencies, public organizations, tribal entities, and interested individuals. The ROD/Approved RMP provides a framework for long-term protection of monument objects while allowing authorized uses, recreation activities, and scientific studies that are consistent with the protection of the objects of the monument.

In addition to viewing these documents on the web (by clicking the link above), you may also request a Compact Disk by calling the BLM Public Room at 520-258-7235, or by sending an email to

The staff of the Tucson Field Office and Ironwood Forest National Monument sincerely appreciates all public comments and participation received since the planning process began. Consideration of more than 12,000 letters, emails, and conversations at public meetings helped improve the planning document produced.

The IFNM was established by Presidential Proclamation in June 2000. The 128,400-acre monument, located about 25 miles northwest of Tucson, encompasses several desert mountain ranges including the Silver Bell, Waterman, and Sawtooth ranges, and possesses one of the richest stands of ironwood trees in the Sonoran Desert. The monument contains several archaeological districts and a significant system of cultural and historical sites covering a 5,000-year period. The monument also features a wide diversity of vegetation and wildlife.

Implementing The Approved RMP and Moving Forward

The Record of Decision constitutes the final decision and the Approved RMP can now be implemented. 

All decisions pertaining to the designated route network (Travel Management) within the Ironwood Forest National Monument RMP are subject to appeal to the Office of Hearings and Appeals, Interior Board of Land Appeals consistent with 43 CFR Part 4. The appeal period begins immediately and will close on March 27, 2013. 

Appeal procedures can be found in the IFNM ROD in section 1.4.2.

For more information, call the Tucson Field Office at 520-258-7200 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday or send an email to

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