Land Use Planning

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BLM Arizona manages approximately 12.2 million surface acres of public land, and realizes that public involvement is critical. The land-use planning process, which allows the public to get involved in the process, gives BLM employees a blueprint about how the public land should be managed. BLM Arizona's mission is to sustain the health, diversity and productivity of the public land, and land-use planning is a vital area of involvement.

BLM Arizona has 10 stand-alone land-use plans, in which seven are approved land-use plans encompassing six Resource Management Plans (RMPs), and one Management Framework Plan (MFP), plus three land-use plan amendments. BLM Arizona also has associated environmental documents that address many growing and changing demands. As well, National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documents, which are associated with the land-use plans, help BLM managers to understand the impact their decisions can have on humans, as well as the environment.

BLM Arizona involves the public in the planning process right from the start. While collaborating with tribal, state and local governments, interested parties are invited to participate so their needs can be addressed. When RMPs are ready for review and public comment, BLM Arizona makes copies available to all field offices and on the Internet. We encourage you to get involved in the planning process to help determine how the public lands will be managed. Involvement by everyone, who are interested in the public lands, will help ensure that the best overall possible plan is developed.

Periodically, RMPs are updated as new information becomes available. By continuously monitoring the plans and their effects, BLM Arizona can amend RMPs, and take action toward ensuring land management goals are achieved.

Under Federal law, BLM Arizona prepares land-use plans that serve as the basis for all activities occurring on BLM-managed lands. BLM Planning policy in the form of our manual and handbook (both in pdf format) are available on this site.

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