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Arizona’s public lands are as uniquely beautiful as each desert sunset. And yet, that brilliant red color which lights up the southwest’s evening sky can instantly signal danger and destruction when it becomes associated with shooting flames streaking across the horizon. 

Sadly, the majority of fires on BLM-managed public lands in Arizona are human caused. Whether the blazes are started by a careless camper or a thoughtless vandal, the result can end lives, destroy homes and devastate natural resources.
Fire prevention and education are two of the most important tools fire specialists can use to protect people and the land. These specialists want both Arizona’s residents, as well as visitors, to understand what precautions should be taken, and why some activities create the risk of igniting a fire.
The goal of the BLM’s fire education program is to reduce the number of human-caused fires, ultimately protecting lives, property and the environment. This also helps to ensure that firefighters can be available to manage or suppress naturally caused fires when they occur. To do this, the BLM undertakes several outreach initiatives, including:

Fire & Aviation

  • Community outreach
  • Communication plans
  • Interagency coordination
  • Targeting of common origins and causes of human-caused fires
  • Public information and multi-media messaging
  • Product development and distribution methods
fire mgmt
BLM Arizona is an active partner with local governments, local firefighting agencies and state and federal land management agencies. Through this cooperative partnership, Community Wildfire Protection Plans and Wildfire Hazard and Mitigation Plans are developed, fuel treatments are planned and implemented, school education programs are implemented and defensible space concepts are taught to private landowners and community groups. Several community plans have been completed around the state in recent years. These plans include: 
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