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Arizona Regional Mitigation Strategy

The BLM has established three solar energy zones (SEZ) in Arizona. These SEZs (Agua Caliente, Brenda, and Gillespie) constitute more than 8,000 acres identified as sites for solar energy development.  Along with the identification of SEZs, the BLM has committed to establishing SEZ regional mitigation strategies (SRMS) to identify potential impacts of solar development in SEZs and identify appropriate mitigation measures and processes to address these impacts.  SRMS development will be a public, stakeholder driven process.

Elements of a SEZ Regional Mitigation Strategy
  1. Describe SEZ and regional baseline conditions against which unavoidable impacts are assessed;
  2. Assess unavoidable impacts and identify which of those warrant offsite mitigation;
  3. Identify regional mitigation goals;
  4. Identify a method for calculating recommended mitigation fees for unavoidable adverse impacts;
  5. Identify and recommend a management structure to hold and apply mitigation investment funds;
  6. Evaluate and recommend appropriate mitigation investment locations, objectives, and/or actions; and
  7. Plan to implement mitigation and develop long-term monitoring and adaptive management recommendations to evaluate and maximize the mitigation’s effectiveness.

The Solar Regional Mitigation Strategies for the three Arizona solar energy zones is the topic of a BLM webinar from 9 to 11 a.m. (MST) on July 9, 2014. Preliminary recommendations on resources that may warrant regional mitigation and the process for nominating candidate sites for mitigation will be considered in the webinar.

The dial-in number for the webinar is:  1-888-850-4523; Passcode: 672617. The URL for the webinar is

If you are planning to participate, please RVSP to

For more information:

 Lane Cowger
Project Manager

Regional Solar Mitigation Information

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