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 Renewable Energy on BLM Arizona Land   

Federal policy requires that suitable public lands be made available for renewable energy projects.


In Arizona, that means identifying a portion of the 12.2 million acres managed by the BLM as being suitable for solar, wind, and transmission projects. With that in mind, BLM Arizona has established a renewable energy coordinating office that works with industry, communities, conservation groups and State and Federal agencies in developing environmentally sound renewable energy projects on public lands.


BLM Arizona follows the guidelines of the Western Solar Plan and the Wind Energy Development PEIS, in designating lands for renewable energy development. The Western Solar Plan identifies about 3 million BLM-managed lands in Arizona that potentially could be used for solar development.


BLM Arizona’s Restoration Design Energy Project (RDEP) did a further examination and categorized 192,000 acres that appear to have low natural resource conflicts and thus are suitable for solar or wind development.


For information about BLM Arizona’s renewable energy program, contact


Eddie Arreola

Supervising Project Manager

Renewable Energy Coordination Office

1 North Central Avenue, Suite 800

Phoenix, AZ 85004

(602) 417-9505


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