Manual of Surveying Instructions - 1973

In partnership with the Public Land Survey System Foundation (PLSSF) and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM), BLM has issued a 2009 edition of the Manual of Surveying Instructions.  For information on how to order your copy of the new Manual, visit the PLSSF BLM Survey Manual website at:

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Download the complete 1973 Manual (8M)
Table of ContentsPages I thru IV
Chapter 1 "The General Plan"Pages 1 thru 12
Chapter 2 "Methods of Survey"Pages 13 thru 58 (1M)
Chapter 3 "The System of Rectangle Surveys"Pages 59 thru 104 (1M)
Chapter 4 "Monumentation"Pages 105 thru 128
Chapter 5 "Restoration of Lost or Obliterated Corners"Pages 106 thru 144
Chapter 6 "Resurveys"Pages 145 thru 156
Chapter 7 "Special Surveys and Instructions"Pages 157 thru 182
Chapter 8 "Field Notes"Pages 183 thru 190
Chapter 9 "Plats"Pages 191 thru 218
Chapter 10 "Mineral Surveys"Pages 219 thru 226
Appendix I. "Adjustments of the Solar Unit"Pages 226 thru 238
Appendix II. "Sample Field Notes"Pages 239 thru 324 (1M)
IndexPages 325 thru 333
Inserts (Pocket, back cover)
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       No. 1 Township Plat (tif format, 4M)
       No. 1 Township Plat (pdf)

       No. 2 Mineral-Patent Survey and Mill Site (tif format, 2.4M)
       No. 2 Mineral-Patent Survey and Mill Site (pdf)

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