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Release Date: 09/24/13
Contacts: Lori Cook 928-317-3243 or cell 928-246-8560    

Grazing Subcommittee Application Process Extended

Lake Havasu, Ariz. - The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Colorado River District (CRD) is soliciting nominations from the public for members of its Grazing Subcommittee of the Arizona Resource Advisory Council (RAC). Members of the Subcommittee will provide advice and recommendations to the RAC on a proposal to renew grazing permits on the Cerbat, Quail Springs, and Fort MacEwen grazing allotments.

The due date for nominations for the Grazing Subcommittee has been extended. Persons wishing to apply for consideration as a Subcommittee member should submit their application no later than October 11, 2013. The application is available electronically on the following web link:, or by calling the Colorado River District Office at  928-505-1200.

The Kingman Field Office (KFO) provided a preliminary Environmental Assessment (EA) for public review that presented alternatives for fully processing a proposal to renew grazing permits on the Cerbat, Quail Springs, and Fort MacEwen grazing allotments. The KFO received nine comment letters and several telephone calls regarding the EA. The EA can be viewed at

In order to address the concerns of the interested parties, including the grazing community and environmental organizations, the Subcommittee will perform several duties including identifying additional issues if needed or expanding existing issues in the EA. The Subcommittee will also identify additional alternatives or expand the existing alternatives. 

Persons interested in serving on the Subcommittee should represent at least one of the following categories: ranching, wildlife/hunting, business/economics, conservation, vegetation/soils, or private property rights.

The term of this Subcommittee is expected to be less than one year and the initial meeting will be held at the Kingman Field Office in late October or early November 2013. Subcommittee members would be required to attend field trips to the grazing allotments and participate in meetings led by a RAC member.

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Last updated: 09-24-2013