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Yuma Field Office
Record of Decision and
Approved Resource Management Plan
January 2010

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You may download the complete ROD/Approved RMP (13 M - includes everything except the TMA Maps), or select from specific sections and maps below.

Record of Decision (including the Abstract, Dear Reader Letter, and Table of Contents)

Approved RMP

Executive Summary and Chapter 1 - Introduction (includes Map 1-1 - Project Planning Area)
Chapter 2 – Management Decisions
Chapter 2 Maps
2-1 - Special Designations
2-1-1 - Special Designations—Big Marias ACEC Detail
2-1-2 - Special Designations—Dripping Springs ACEC Detail
2-1-3 - Special Designations—Sears Point ACEC Detail
2-2 - Fortuna Pond Coordinated Management Area
2-3 - Limitrophe Coordinated Management Area
2-4 -Mittry Lake Coordinated Management Area
2-5 -Vegetation Management
2-6 - Wildlife Habitat Management Areas
2-7 -Livestock Grazing Management
2-8 - Wild Horse and Burro Management
2-9 - Prescribed Recreation Settings
2-10 -Recreation Management Allocations
2-11 -Travel Management
2-12 - Closed OHV Management Areas
2-13 - Visual Resource Management
2-14 - Wilderness Characteristics
2-15 - Special Cultural Resource Management Areas
2-16 - Lands and Realty/Minerals

Glossary of Terms
References Cited


A - Laws and Executive Orders
B - Best Management Practices
C - USDOI: Biological Opinion for the Yuma Field Office Resource Management Plan
D - Areas of Critical Environmental Concern Evaluation Reports
E - Lists of Federally Protected, State Listed, Special Status, Priority, and Invasive Species in Planning Area
F - Special Ephemeral Rule
G - Description of the Route Evaluation Tree Process© (2.5M)
H - Special Cultural Resource Management Areas
I - Lands Identified for Disposal

Travel Management Area Maps (Please note that these maps are all poster-sized)

TMA-1 Ehrenberg/Cibola Travel Management Area (34 x 44) (3M)
TMA-2 La Posa Travel Management Area (34 x 56) (4M)
TMA-3 Yuma East Travel Management Area (34 x 44) (3M)
TMA-4 Gila River Valley Travel Management Area (34 x 44) (2M)
TMA-5 Greater Yuma Travel Management Area (36 x 44) (4M)