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National Trails Day

Saturday, June 1, 2013A project leader provides direction to a crew member during work on National Trails Day.

National Trails Day is held the first Saturday of each June. This nationwide event draws people together to celebrate trails and complete trail work projects. The improvements to our public lands accomplished through National Trails Day contribute to the long-term health and maintenance of these lands and trails.

Eighty volunteers joined us on Saturday June 1, 2013 to celebrate National Trails Day. This year’s work included addressing a major drainage issue in the Science Center amphitheater by installing a French drain. Volunteers also removed hazard trees on the Science Center campus, dragged downed trees and brush into the woods away from structures, pushed over uprooted tree wells, and harvested suitable felled trees for firewood. They also weeded and watered the gardens, repotted wild flowers for later transplanting, raked gravel from garden beds; distributed 10 cubic yards of wood chips on the trails leading to various activity sites; replaced two rotted fence posts along the entrance walkway; aerated, fertilized, and reseeded three activity fields; prepared a new garden near the classroom entrance; planted native vegetation on the bank upstream from the CAT bridge; and coordinated with the Muncipality to temporarily repair the Old Rondy bridge on Far North Bicentennial Park. (More work remains to be done for a permanent bridge solution.)

All volunteers were treated to a pizza lunch after the work was completed, compliments of the Friends of the Campbell Creek Science Center. Participants also enjoyed a bald eagle presentation by Bird Treatment and Learning Center after lunch and many stayed for a BLM bear spray use clinic afterwards.

Special thanks to the Friends of the Campbell Creek Science Center for providing critical financial support to make the event possible.

Thank you to all the volunteers and partners who helped make this event a big success!

Father and son pause for a picture while loading a wheelbarrow with woodchips.         A young Trails Day volunteer pulls weeds in the Science Center gardens