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School and Youth Programs-fully engaged learning

Second Grade Programs

Nature’s Plants, Trees, and Seeds
Explore the world of plants from seeds to trees and everything in-between! Go on a seed discovery hike, conduct seed dispersal demonstrations, and learn about basic plant parts and plant needs. Students are also introduced to basic plant, twig, and tree identification.
Salmon Stories
What makes a fish a fish? Explore fish characteristics as well as those unique to salmon. Children follow the life cycle of a salmon from egg to spawning adult. They recreate the salmon’s journey from fresh water to the sea and back again. Active games and puzzles engage students as they learn about the changes in form and habitat that take place over the fascinating life of a salmon. 
Super Soils: The Land Down Under
 Treat your students to a day in the dirt! Investigate soil science through experiments, hands-on activities, and creative exercises. Learn about soil properties and its components. Find out how organic and inorganic materials contribute to different soils, how much water different soils can hold, and the effects of plants on erosion and soil composition.
Additional Recommended Topics for Custom Programs
 nature awareness and sensory exploration; animal tracking and investigation; snowshoeing; Alaskan animal adaptations; creek exploration; insects; rocks and minerals