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Fireside Chat Lecture Series 

Come spend the evening by the fire listening to a timely tale about science in real life. Complimentary hot drinks and cookies provided by Friends of the Campbell Creek Science Center. 

This the final program of the season. It begins at 7pm and is free and open to the public. 

April 20: Melting Glaciers and Old Walrus Bones: What's Emerging from the Ice and What Does It Tell Us about the First Alaskans?
The Bering Glacier is melting and as it melts it is uncovering material that’s been frozen for 15,000 years. What is coming out of the ice? What does that material tell us about conditions at the end of the last ice age? And what does it reveal about the lifeways of ancient peoples in the area? Join us as UAA professors David Yesner, anthropologist, and Kristine Crossen, geologist, discuss what the melting Bering Glacier reveals.