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Science Center Calendar-we hope you can join us at an upcoming event  


Midsummer Night's Science Series 

Come discover the natural wonders in your backyard here on Campbell Tract. Interact with local professionals and discover the processes of science and natural resource management. These family-friendly, hands-on workshops are free and open to the public. All programs begin at 7pm.

Please mark your calendars!

May 28: Bear Aware for Families
Summer in Alaska is full of fun, kid-friendly outdoor activities! It’s also the time of year we share the trails, woods, and creeks with bears. Does your family know how to behave in bear country? Come find out all about bears and ways to be safe in bear country. Learn about bear spray and practice using it. Get more comfortable about your family’s summer outdoor adventures!

June 11: Spears and Atlatls
Join us for a glimpse into the past! Self-taught primitive skills specialist, Mike Richardson, will share his vast knowledge of the atlatl. Come learn about the atlatl and spears that allowed ancient hunters to throw harder and farther.

June 25: What's Bugging That Tree?
Ever wonder what’s eating your trees? Join Jessie Moan from UAF Cooperative Extension Service for an interactive lesson about monitoring forest pests. Discover the tools and traps researchers use, then check some traps to see what’s out and about in the trees on Campbell Tract.

July 9: Meet a Magpie!
Big, flashy, and often very vocal, magpies are usually hard to miss. Come meet a captive magpie and learn more about these raven relatives from Lisa Pajot with Bird Treatment and Learning Center.

July 23: Everything Flows Downstream 
Join Matt Kays from the Anchorage Waterways Council to learn more about watersheds and ways you can become a citizen scientist and help monitor watershed health.

August 6: Capturing Alaska in Digital
Learn how to capture the beauty of Alaska through photography. BLM specialist Karen Laubenstein will demonstrate and share her tips on photo composition, adjusting settings, capturing the aurora, night sky photography, wildlife photography, and landscapes and scenic photography.

August 13: Bird Banding 101
Join BLM wildlife biologist Bruce Seppi for an evening of bird banding! Learn why and how scientists band migrant songbirds. Then visit a bird banding net to see the art and science of bird-banding in the field.

August 20: Mushroom Fair!
Come have fun learning about fungi. Local mushroom enthusiasts will share their knowledge about mushrooms through posters, discussion, and specimens from all over South-central Alaska. Bring specimens from your own backyard to identify!