Northeast National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska Environmental Ammended Impact Statement - Final
Northeast NPR-A Amended IAP/EIS (2005)
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Northeast NPR-A Amended
Integrated Activity Plan/Environmental Impact Statement (2005)

Northeast NPR-A Environmental Impact Statement-Final

BLM issued the Northeast NPR-A Amended IAP/EIS in January 2005. Deputy Assistant Secretary Chad Calvert signed the Record of Decision (439.54 KB) for the Amended Northeast NPR-A IAP/EIS on January 11, 2006. (Click to see maps 1, 1a, 2, 3, 4, and 5). (Note: There are inconsistencies in text flow between the web version and the printed version of the ROD resulting in some text appearing on different pages). On September 25, 2006, the U.S. District Court for the District of Alaska in National Audubon Society v. Kempthorne found inadequate an important aspect of the Amended IAP/EIS's cumulative impact analysis and as a result vacated the ROD.


  • Northeast NPR-A IAP/EIS 1998

  • Northeast NPR-A Amended IAP/EIS

  • Northeast NPR-A Supplemental IAP/EIS

  • Documents:

    Dear Reader Letter
    Executive Summary

    Volume 1

    Table of Contents, Vol 1
    Chapter 1: Introduction
    Chapter 2: Alternatives
    Chapter 3: Affected Environment
    Chapter 4 to 4.6: Environmental Consequences
    Volulme 1 Acronyms

    Volume 2

    Table of Contents, Vol 2
    Chapter 4.7 to 4.12: Environmental Consequences (Continued)
    Chapter 5: Consultation
    Chapter 6: Response to Comments
                      Index of Comments (Please note, the
                      comment letters are not linked from 
                      Chapter 6 listed above.
                      To read these letters, link to them from this document).
    Volume 2 Acronyms


    Volume 3

    Table of Contents, Vol 3
    Appendix A: 1998 Record of Decision
    Appendix B: ANILCA 810 Final
    Appendix C: Permits Needed
    Appendix D: Biological Assessment
    Appendix E: 1998 Stipulations
    Appendix F: Non Oil and Gas Stipulations
    Appendix G: Sensitive Species
    Appendix H: Common and Scientific Names of Species
    Appendix I: Historic Sites
    Appendix J: Subsistence Report
    Appendix K: Oil Spill Scenarios
    Appendix L: Memorandum of Understanding for Cabin/Campsite Registry


    Record of Decision was signed January 11, 2006.

    Last updated: 05-01-2008