Pipeline Monitoring

The Bureau of Land Management Branch of Pipeline Monitoring is the office established by the Secretary of the Interior to oversee and monitor the activities related to the 800-mile Trans-Alaska Pipeline system. The BLM works with the State of Alaska and with other federal agencies to monitor environmental protection, pipeline system integrity, public and worker safety, and to ensure regulatory compliance. The BLM Branch of Pipeline Monitoring is located in Anchorage, with offices in Valdez and Fairbanks.

View of the TransAlaska Pipeline

Pipeline Right of Way Agreement

The Branch of Pipeline Monitoring oversees the Federal Agreement and Grant of Right of Way for the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System. As such the office works to ensure:

  • Compliance with the Federal Right of Way Grant, state and federal laws, regulations, and industry accepted codes and standards.
    • Protection of the environment and public safety through monitoring modification, maintenance, and operation of high risk systems.
    • Continued safe movement of oil through TAPS through reduction of TAPS risk by understanding hardware condition, system integrity, ensuring follow through on Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) action items, effective risk management, and addressing noncompliance concerns promptly.
    • Sustaining a TAPS culture that is respectful of commitments made to Alaska Natives, diversity, and concerned employees.
  • Prompt and effective response to incidents and events on TAPS to assess, contain, correct and clean up damage, as well as to prevent reoccurrence.
  • Coordination among agencies regulating TAPS.
  • Management of TAPS oversight information to provide detailed tracking, trending, and reporting capabilities.

Branch of Pipeline Monitoring and the Joint Pipeline Office

The Branch of Pipeline Monitoring works with the agencies that make up the State-Federal Joint Pipeline OfficeThe mission of the JPO is "to work proactively with Alaska's oil and gas industry to safely operate, protect the environment, and continue transporting oil and gas in compliance with legal requirements."

Mission Statement: 

Be a good steward of the land by providing oversite and monitoring of energy pipelines such as TAPS to ensure safety, integrity, and environmental conditions of the agreements and grants are met.

HotLine: 800-764-5070:   BLM-Alaska Branch of Pipeline Monitoring hosts a toll-free hotline for people to anonymously report concerns. Names of callers are kept confidential to the maximum extent provided by law. BLM staff are not given this information unless it is needed to resolve the issue and the caller gives permission for its release.

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