Steese National Conservation Area

Special Restrictions in the Steese National Conservation Area

In the Steese NCA, all uses must be compatible with conserving wildlife habitat and maintaining water quality in Birch Creek Wild and Scenic River. Allowable uses include:

  • canoeing and rafting on Birch Creek Wild and Scenic River 
  • hiking and backpacking, especially on the Pinnell Mountain National Recreation Trail
  • hunting, fishing and trapping
  • Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) use, subject to restrictions in some areas
  • climbing
  • backcountry camping, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling
  • viewing the midnight sun, wildflowers, birds, and wildlife 

The following activities are prohibited in the Steese NCA:

  • use of motorized equipment for mineral collection for personal use
  • use of hovercraft or airboats
  • camping at one site for a period longer than 10 days in any calendar year
  • discharging of firearms within one-quarter mile of public recreation cabins, as well as across or along roads and trails
  • leaving burning or smoldering campfires unattended
  • constructing permanent or semi-permanent structures, including cabins, caches, water dams or diversions without written authorization from the BLM authorized officer (subject to valid existing rights)