Iditarod National Historic Trail Public Shelter Cabins

BLM-Alaska manages four public shelter cabins—the Tripod Flats, Old Woman, Bear Creek and Rohn—along the Iditarod National Historic Trail. A fifth shelter cabin—Big Yetna—was built in the fall of 2009 on State lands between Iditarod and Shageluk.

One of the most famous shelter cabins—the Rohn Cabin—was originally built in 1939 for pilots stranded on the north side of the infamous Rainy Pass. In 1999, the BLM restored the cabin with a new roof and floor.

The BLM maintains the shelter cabins primarily for winter travelers. The Tripod Flats and Old Woman shelter cabins are found on the heavily traveled Kaltag Portage between Unalakleet and Kaltag. The Tripod Flats cabin is 35 miles from Kaltag and the Old Woman shelter cabin is 15 miles further on the trail.  The Bear Creek and Rohn shelter cabins are  between Nikolai and Rohn in the remote Farewell Burn.  The Big Yetna shelter cabin is on the Iditarod-to-Anvik section of the trail.

Except for the Rohn cabin, all shelter cabins are accessible only during the winter. Use of these cabins is free, and no reservations are required. Due to the potential for extreme weather conditions, users are expected to share the cabin with others if necessary. Each cabin is equipped with bunks, a woodstove, and outhouses.

A more detailed map of shelter cabin locations can be found here

 Bear Creek Cabin during the Iditarod Race.Rohn CabinBig Yetna cabinTripod Flats Cabin