Brooks Range
Grizzly along the Denali Highway Rafting the Gulkana National Wild River Native woman drying salmon on racks ATV rider on trails near Glennallen Surveyor
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Trail History


From Babiche Webbing to Kevlar Runners: An Intro to Alaska Dog Mushing History

The Birth of Sled Dog Racing

For the Love of the Dogs: Joe Redington, Sr.

Poetry on the Iditarod: "The Men Who Blaze the Trails"


Portraits of the Past

A. H. Twitchell

A. H. Twitchell

Adams Hollis Twitchell was born in 1872 on the family farm in Vermont. Like many adventurous young men of his generation, he left home to seek his fortune in the Alaskan and Canadian gold rushes of the 1890s.  More>>

Oscar Tryck

Oscar Tryck

Oscar Tryck was born in Sweden in 1879. He moved to Fairbanks in 1906. When news broke of a strike at Ruby in 1910, Oscar and his four Belgian work horses were on the first boat to Ruby. Like most pioneers of the Iditarod Trail, he did not make a fortune at mining, but his interest in building Alaskan infrastructure has carried down through several generations.  More>>

Jujiro Wada

Jujiro Wada

Wada was born in Japan in the 1870s. Hearing intriguing stories of America as a boy, he went to San Francisco in 1890. For two years he was a cabin boy for the Pacific Steam Whaling Company.  More>>

Edgar Nollner George Nollner

The Nollner Brothers

Edgar and George Nollner played an important role in the Serum Run of 1925. Thanks to their courage and determination, the lives of countless Nome children were saved.  More>>