Trail History

Trail History

Historic Overview of Iditarod National Historic Trail

History of the Iditarod Trail from old Newspaper Stories

Tripods Lead to Safety

Riverboats, Dog Sleds, and Airplanes: Travel in the Inland Empire

Iditarod Trail Towns of Yesteryear

Express dog teams from the Iditarod at Seward


Although ‘officially’ founded in 1903, the town of Seward bustled with prospectors for at least a decade prior to its incorporation.

On 4th Street in Anchorage


Anchorage was just a blank spot on the map when the Seward to Iditarod government trail opened in 1910.

The town of Knik


During the Iditarod gold rush, Knik was the last major outfitting center before stampeders struck out for mines 375 miles to the northwest.

Winter street in Iditarod


Rather than a rough-and-tumble affair, Iditarod was a civic-minded town populated by experienced miners and merchants from the Dawson and Nome gold rushes.

Front Street in Winter


Nome sprang into existence almost overnight with the discovery of gold by the “three lucky Swedes” in 1898.