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U.S. Bureau of Mines Seal (agency no longer active)U.S. Bureau of Mines Reports-unpublished

There a quite a few reports listed on this page. To do a quick search for a report number 
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Mineral Investigations in the Chugach National Forest, Alaska (Peninsula Study Area). In-House Report. 198320014 Kb10/28/2008
Interim Report: Thawing Placer Gravels on the Nome Coastal Plain. June 19671957 Kb10/28/2008
Report of Investigations: Reconnaissance Examinations of parts of the Alaska Peninsula and Aleutian Islands, Southwestern , Alaska. May 194611250 Kb10/28/2008
Mineral Resources Assessment, National Petroleum Reserve, Alaska. Interim Report. November 1977.3125 Kb10/28/2008
Metallogeny of Ophiolitic and Other Maficultramafic Terranes in Alaska, USGS 1991. (unpublished Open File Report)3363 Kb10/28/2008
Cobalt Content in Samples from the Omar Copper Prospect, Baird Mountains, Alaska. MLA 109-82. 1982586 Kb10/28/2008
A Manganese Occurrence on Chenega Island, Prince William Sound, Alaska. MLA-124-82. 19821427 Kb10/28/2008
U.S. BM Summary Report: Mineral Occurrences in the Chugach National Forest, Southcentral Alaska. MLA 5-84. 1984.9364 Kb10/28/2008
U.S._BM_Summary_Report:_Mineral_Occurrences_in_the_Chugach_National_Forest,_Southcentral_Alaska._MLA_5-84._1984._Figure_329930 Kb10/28/2008
U.S._BM_Summary_Report:_Mineral_Occurrences_in_the_Chugach_National_Forest,_Southcentral_Alaska._MLA_5-84._1984._Figure_430265 Kb10/28/2008
Placer Sampling and Related Bureau of Mines Activities in the Sound Study Area of the Chugach National Forest, Alaska. MLL 62-82. 19822085 Kb10/28/2008
Mineral Land Assessment of Yakobi Island and Adjacent Island, Southeastern Alaska Parts of Chichagof. MLA 97-82. 19828847 Kb10/28/2008
Design of Beneficiation System for Evaluation and Recovery of Gold And Accessory Minerals from Alaskan Beach Deposits, May 19754834 Kb10/28/2008
Mineral Materials Survey of the Seward and Glacier Ranger Districts Road Corridor, Chugach National Forest, Alaska. Volume I: Summary and Site Descriptions, May 19973285 Kb10/28/2008
MINERAL INVESTIGATION of the Iditarod-George MPanning Block, Central Kuskokwim River Area, Alaska 198311184 Kb10/28/2008
1983 Mineral Resource Studies in the Kantishna Hills & Dunkle Mine Areas Denali National Park and Preserve VOLUME I13203 Kb10/28/2008
1983 Mineral Resource Studies in the Kantishna Hills & Dunkle Mine Areas Denali National Park and Preserve VOLUME II37473 Kb10/28/2008
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