2003 Fieldwork
In 2003, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) completed the third year of the Delta River Mining District study. Investigators surveyed, mapped, or sampled 51 mineral occurrences in the 2.9-million-acre Delta River Mining District, which extends across the Alaska Range from Paxson to Delta Junction, in east-central Alaska. The BLM collected and analyzed 446 rock chip, placer, pan concentrate and stream sediment samples during the investigation. Fieldwork for the Delta River Mineral study is scheduled to be completed in 2004 with a final report being produced in 2005.

2003 Fieldwork report:
BLM AK OFR 95 - Mineral Investigations in the Delta River Mining District, East-Central Alaska 2003 (PDF 815 KB) BLM AK OFR 95 plate (PDF 6.52 Megabytes)