Delta River Mining District Study

Location map of the Delta River Mining DistrictIn 2001, the BLM-Alaska began investigations in the 2.9-million-acre Delta River Mining District. The investigations were part of the BLM’s mineral assessment program of mining districts in Alaska. The BLM’s mineral assessments aimed to compile, analyze, and publicize mineral information to facilitate multiple-use management of the area. Mineral information includes mineral occurrence surveying, mapping and sampling; airborne and ground-based geophysics; stream sediment geochemistry; and economic, engineering and environmental analysis. The BLM's Delta River Mining District assessment is complete and the final report "TR 57" was published in 2007.

The Delta River Mining District extends across the eastern Alaska Range from about Delta Junction on the north, to Paxson on the south. It is accessible via the Richardson, Denali and Alaska highways. 

Yearly Fieldwork:

Geologist at work in the Delta River Mining District