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Mineral Assessment Program: Purpose

The BLM Mineral Assessment program was cancelled in 2007 and work on mineral assessments already initiated stopped. Reports published and data collected during the assessments will be maintained by the BLM.

As defined in Section 1010 of ANILCA, the primary purpose of the Mineral Assessment Program in Alaska was to identify and investigate the known and potential mineral occurrences on all federal public land in the state, and to produce data in a final report for the needs of land planners to make responsible land-use decisions. Additionally, the Mineral Assessment Program identified areas where there may be future sustainable development of mineral resources under a multiple use approach to land management. 

Although special or site-specific studies were required periodically, the primary thrust of the BLM’s mineral assessment program was regional “mining district” studies. The objective of mining district studies was to determine the type, amount and distribution of mineral deposits, and make resource estimates when possible. These studies consisted of locating, sampling, surveying and mapping historic mines, prospects and occurrences, and following up on newly discovered mineralization.