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Claim Adjudication

The BLM-Alaska currently has more than 11,609 active mining claims on lands managed by the federal government in Alaska. The yearly maintenance payments or maintenance fee waivers are due in the appropriate BLM office by September 1 of each year. After the mandated filing period has passed, claims that did not have a timely filing are forfeited.

The BLM-Alaska continually updates the Alaska Land Information System (ALIS) to reflect current status of all federal mining claims within Alaska. The computer data base, Alaska Case Retrieval Enterprise System (ACRES) can be accessed at  In 1999, a joint agreement between the State of Alaska and the Bureau of Land Management was reached to allow active mining information available to the public via the internet.  For BLM, the website is  The interactive database is made available through the Department of Natural Resources. 

BLM is seeking GPS data available for any federal claims. This data will be compared with our digitized mining claim boundaries, and will improve the accuracy of your ground location. A form to assist in the collection of your data is available in pdf format.

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