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Placer Mining on BLM Managed Lands

Most placer miners in Alaska choose to use the State of Alaska’s  "Application for Permits to Mine in Alaska" (APMA), formally called the "Annual Placer Mining Application," to apply for permits. Through an agreement with the Alaska Department of Natural Resources (ADNR), the BLM also allows federal claim operators to use the APMA on BLM managed lands. Although the APMA is not a BLM form, a properly completed APMA will contain much of the basic information that is required by the BLM to process your federal application. The completed APMA is also automatically distributed to other state/federal permitting agencies that have jurisdiction over your proposed activity.

This year, for new or modified Plans of Operations, standardized requirements for stream reclamation are being phased in. To determine reclamation effectiveness baseline stream data is going to be required starting in 2016. Also new for this year is the requirement for detailed Reclamation Cost Estimates for new operations in or near stream channels, operations disturbing over 25 acres of uplands, and other mining activities considered to have high reclamation costs. 

BLM's APMA Supplements Guide

Often, your completed APMA will not provide all of the information required by federal regulations. If this is the case, the BLM will not be able to fully evaluate your proposal, resulting in delays in processing while you provide the necessary information. To help you meet federal requirements, BLM has developed supplemental guidance (see below) that enables you to address those specific components often missing from APMA applications. Using the provided supplements will ensure that the description of your proposed operation is complete and thereby minimize delays in the processing of your application.

Before submitting your APMA for operations on BLM managed lands, read the Instructional Supplement to the APMA using the link provided below. This instructional guidance will help you to define the level of your federal activity – either as Casual Use, Notice, or Plan of Operation levels, and identify which regulations and specific APMA Supplements may then apply to your proposal.  

The Supplements are also available from your local field office.  

BLM Supplemental Guidance to the Placer Mining Application (APMA) 

BLM Regulations

Reclamation Bonding and Reclamation Cost Estimates (RCEs)

BLM Surface Management Handbook