Seldovia 17b easement

Click on the thumbnail images below to download .pdf files of the 2 maps used as guides for 17(b) easement access between Seldovia and Seldovia Lake (Seldovia Valley).

Map 1 - Seldovia 17(b) Easement              Map 2 - Seldovia 17(b) Easement with GPS data

Map #1 is the same map that is posted at the gate on Rocky Street, south of Seldovia. Map #2 provides sequentially numbered GPS points for each identified easement, and a list of the associated GPS points with latitude and longitude coordinates (degrees, minutes, seconds).


The information displayed on these maps does not imply or represent the location or condition of any trail which may be identifiable on the ground. The maps represent only the 17(b) easement route reserved in the conveyance documents to the Seldovia Native Association.

Please respect private property by staying on the trail or site easement.

GPS Data

The following files with .gpx extensions can be downloaded to your computer, then uploaded onto most GPS units. The filenames use Garmin terminology. Tracks represent the various line easements identified on the .pdf maps, and waypoints represent the sequentially numbered points along the line easements. The waypoint site easement (28D9) is identified on the .pdf maps. A list of the coordinates for each waypoint are included in Map #2, and also in the tabular files below (Excel file .xlsx, and Text file .csv).

GPS files (.gpx)

Tracks Line Easements Seldovia Valley wgs84.gpx110 Kb05.12.2012
Waypoints Along Line Easements Seldovia Valley wgs84.gpx32 Kb05.12.2012
Waypoint Site Easement 28D9 wgs84.gpx0 Kb05.12.2012

List of GPS Data in tabular format

GPS Waypoints Seldovia Valley wgs84.xlsx17 Kb05.12.2012
GPS Waypoints Seldovia Valley wgs84.csv5 Kb05.12.2012
GPS Waypoints Seldovia Valley wgs84.pdf205 Kb05.12.2012

If you have questions regarding the GPS data, please contact the BLM Anchorage Field Office at (907) 267-1246 or (800) 478-1263.