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Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) Section 17(b) Easements in the Ahtna Region

As the Bureau of Land Management works toward completing land transfers under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA), final reviews of ANSCA Section 17 (b) easements are being completed to ensure that continued access is reserved as the remaining acreage entitlements are conveyed.   

In areas along the highway system that still have pending conveyances, especially within the Ahtna region (including the Copper River Basin and Cantwell areas), public interest is high. 

On June 9,  2008, Ahtna provided BLM with a description of the lands the corporation most wants to receive as part of its regional entitlement under the provisions of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA).  This information, combined with previously identified priorities for each of the eight villages in the Ahtna region, provides a realistic picture of what lands are to be conveyed into private ownership of the Ahtna region or villages.  Maps can viewed or downloaded through this site.

This site also contains links to the Notice of Proposed Easements for Ahtna regional lands and other information regarding easements.  Information can also be obtained from BLM Pubic Information Centers in Glennallen, Anchorage, or Fairbanks, or by calling the Glennallen Field Office at (907) 822-3217.

Response to the BLM open house events regarding Ahtna region easements earlier this year was robust.  Additional opportunities to obtain easement information will take place in September.  Please join us at one of the following open house events:

17(b) Easement Public Meeting Schedule
Community Location Time Date
CantwellCantwell School4 to 6 PMSeptember 9
FairbanksBLM Fairbanks District Office4 to 7 PMSeptember 11
Eagle RiverMunicipality of Anchorage Meeting Room above Garcia's Cantina4 to 6 PMSeptember 15
ValdezPrince William Sound Community College4 to 6 PMSeptember 17
Delta JunctionCommunity Hall4 to 6 PMSeptember 19
GlennallenBLM Glennallen Field Office4 to 6 PMSeptember 22

An easement nomination form can be downloaded along with an easement and navigability legend that can be used to submit your written comments by October 31, 2008 to BLM State Office AK96314,  17b Easement Nominations, BLM, 222 W. 7th Ave., #13, Anchorage, AK 99513.   You may print out and write on a map and attach it to your comment to help provide an accurate description.  You are encouraged to make detailed comments.

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For More Information:

Bureau of Land Management  
     Glennallen Field Office              (907) 822-3217 

Map and Document Download Center

NEW!- July 31, 2008 Notice of Proposed Regional Easements

NEW!- Ahtna Regional Priority Maps

Gulkana_A42012 Kb11/14/2008
Gulkana_B22037 Kb11/14/2008
Gulkana_B32149 Kb11/14/2008
Gulkana_C12097 Kb11/14/2008
Gulkana_C22049 Kb11/14/2008
Gulkana_D12322 Kb11/14/2008
Gulkana_D42081 Kb11/14/2008
Healy_B32318 Kb11/14/2008
Healy_B42680 Kb11/14/2008
Nabesna_D62453 Kb11/14/2008
Valdez_C12136 Kb11/14/2008
Valdez_C22357 Kb11/14/2008
Valdez_C32055 Kb11/14/2008
Valdez_D41635 Kb11/14/2008
Valdez_D51717 Kb11/14/2008
Valdez_D61920 Kb11/14/2008
Ahtna Villages Map4698 Kb11/14/2008
Cantwell_Village_Enlargement_Map6110 Kb11/14/2008
Cantwell_Village_Map8427 Kb11/14/2008
Chistochina_Village_Map6333 Kb11/14/2008
Chitina_Village_Map7028 Kb11/14/2008
Copper_Center/Tazlina_Village_Map6424 Kb11/14/2008
Gakona/Gulkana_Village_Map6342 Kb11/14/2008
Mentasta_Village_Map5950 Kb11/14/2008

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View various 17(b) easement maps from the Spatial Data Management System (SDMS)map interface by selecting "Easements" and then ANCSA region's easements under the Layers menu. Or visit the SMDS Home page for more 17(b) map information.