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NPR-A Legacy Wells Program

Current Status

The BLM is preparing to solicit for services to support the remediation of the NPR-A legacy wells. Learn more here>


 The 2013 Legacy Wells Strategic Plan 

As part of its continuing commitment to protect public safety and Alaska’s environment, the BLM has released the 2013 Legacy Wells Strategic Plan, outlining priorities and actions it will take in the near-term to plug and clean up legacy wells in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska (NPR-A). The strategic plan documents BLM's goals for the program and identifies actions BLM will carry out to work toward achieving “closure” of all legacy wells in the NPR-A.

The 2013 Legacy Wells Summary Report
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This summary report documents the current status of each well under BLM management, including site descriptions, photos and condition assessments. This report was used to develop the 2013 Legacy Well Strategic Plan for addressing well clean up. This report was updated 9/23/2013. Minor changes were made to update the land status on some of the Legacy Wells in the Barrow area, including Arcon #1, South Barrow #1, South Barrow #2, and South Barrow #3. 



Did you know?

  • Since 2002, the Federal government has spent almost $86 million in legacy well plugging activities and surface cleanup of priority legacy wells.
  • We have plugged 18 wells and cleaned up contaminated soils where necessary with that funding.
  • An additional 18 wells are partially plugged and are used and managed by the USGS as climate change monitoring wells.
  • Twenty-three wells are on land that has been transferred out of Federal ownership. Nineteen of those were transferred in the Barrow Gas Transfer Act. The remaining five were conveyed to the Arctic Slope Regional Corporation.
  • Thirty-five wells are uncased shallow boreholes drilled to assess the geologic characteristics of the permafrost and shallow geologic strata.
  • On the remaining legacy well sites, the BLM is developing a strategic plan which identifies the actions necessary for closing all the legacy wells in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska.


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