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NPR-A Subsistence Advisory Panel

NPR-A Subsistence Advisory Panel Documents

Note: Documents from all Subsistence Advisory Panel meetings since 1999 are available on CD or by email. For the CD or to join the SAP email list, please contact SAP coordinator Stacey Fritz at (907) 474-2309 or email

Meeting Records

April 2011 Meeting in Wainwright, Alaska

Agenda (PDF/12 KB)
Minutes (PDF/239 KB)
Meeting Summary (PDF/426 KB)

November 2011 Meeting in Fairbanks, Alaska 

Agenda (PDF/30 KB)
Minutes (PDF/844 KB)
Meeting Summary
(PDF/429 KB)

March 2012 Meeting in Barrow, Alaska

Agenda (PDF/13 KB)
Minutes (PDF/750 KB)
Meeting Summary (PDF/569 KB)
ADFG Field Activities 2012 (PDF/90 KB)
ADFG Arctic Salmon Project 2012 (PDF/250 KB)
BLM Cadastral Survey Arctic Projects 2012 (PDF/1.2 MB)
USFWS Field Activities 2012 (PDF/40 KB)

June 2012 Meeting in Point Lay, Alaska

Agenda (PDF/46 KB)
Minutes (PDF/341 KB)
Meeting Summary (PDF/396 KB)

November 2012 Meeting in Barrow, Alaska

Workshop agenda (PDF/11 KB)
Public meeting agenda (PDF/12 KB)
Minutes (PDF/189 KB)
Meeting mummary(PDF/901 KB)
Cassin 1 and 6 Exploration Plan (PDF/309 KB)
Cassin Route Planning Map (jpeg/292 KB)
Cassin Subsistence Plan (PDF/309 KB)
Shell Onshore Studies Update (PDF/24 KB)
Linc Energy presentation (PDF/7.9 MB)
Linc Energy Subsistence Plan of Cooperation: December 2012 (PDF/1.3 MB)
Olgoonik Projects in Wainwright and the NPR-A (PDF/111 KB)
Presidential Proclamation: National Native American Heritage Month, 2012 (PDF/35 KB)

April 2013 Meeting in Nuiqsut, Alaska
Public meeting agenda (PDF/68 KB)
September 2014 Meeting in Barrow, Alaska

Draft Agenda (PDF/228 KB)
2014 Permitted Projects in NPR-A (PDF/233 KB)

Other Documents

SAP Recommendations to BLM, 1999 - 2013 (PDF/273 KB)
2012 Arctic Field Office Permitted Projects (PDF/91 KB)