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Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline Projects


BLM-Alaska is processing right-of-way (ROW) applications for two pipeline projects that are subject to the Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline Act (ANGPA). The BLM's role for these projects is to participate in the environmental analysis and grant a ROW across federal land in Alaska.

The Denali—The Alaska Gas Pipeline project and the Alaska Pipeline Project both propose to construct a 48" buried pipeline from Prudhoe Bay to a point on the Canadian border near the Alaska Highway. In accordance with ANGPA, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) will be the lead federal agency for the environmental impact statements. 
Alaska Gas Pipeline

The BLM is processing a ROW application from the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation (AGDC) for the Alaska Stand-Alone Pipeline (ASAP). The ASAP project consists of a 24" buried pipeline from Prudhoe Bay to Cook Inlet to deliver North Slope natural gas to Fairbanks and Southcentral Alaska. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is the lead Federal agency for the ongoing environmental impact statement.

The BLM has received an application for a natural gas pipeline ROW from Donlin Creek, LLC. The Donlin Creek project would be a 12" buried pipeline to deliver natural gas from Cook Inlet to its proposed gold mine north of the Middle Kuskokwim River village of Crooked Creek. The environmental analysis for this pipeline ROW will be included in the overall analysis for Federal permits authorizing construction and operation of the mine.

BLM-Alaska's point-of-contact is Earle Williams, acting Natural Gas Pipeline Project Coordinator.

Contact us: BLM-Alaska Public Information Center (907)-271-5960 or

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