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People with Disabilites

The People with Disablity (PWD) Employment Program is a vital asset and intergral resource to the agency by identifying problems, overcoming barriers, and providing solutons that will lead  to increased work perfomances and career enhancement for employees with disablilities in BLM Alaska.

Order 13078, issued on March 13, 1998, established the National Task Force on Employment of Adults with Disabilities to reduce employment barriers for persons with disabilities. Executive Order 13164 of July 26, 2000, promotes a model Federal workplace that provides reasonable accommodation for people with disabilities and those who are applying for Federal employment.

People with disabilities can be hired through the traditional competitive hiring process or, if they qualify, noncompetitively through the use of excepted service appointing authorities. Excepted service appointing authorities for hiring people with disabilities were developed to provide an opportunity for people with disabilities to show that they can do the job and to circumvent the attitudinal barriers of managers and supervisors.  

IB #2006-125 Bureau of Land Management Standard Operating Procedure on Handling

Request for Reasonable Accommodation for Individuals with Disablilities