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 Veterans in Government Program


  • To promote the recruitment, placement and advancement of disabled Veterans is the top priority, as they have sacrificed so much for our country.

  • To strengthen the representation of minority veterans in BLM.

  • To provide veterans a networking and professional growth environment where they can develop relationships and create new opportunities. 


        To promote, support, and mentor veterans in the Bureau of Land Management. 

Purpose and Objectives 

  1. To be a diverse group of veterans and supporters that will assist veterans exiting the uniform services and continuing to serve with the Bureau of Land Management.

  2. Encourage veterans in networking, advancement, and training.

  3. Educate non-veterans about the special hiring authorities veterans are entitled to.


The Veterans in Government (VETs) Program is being established to enhance recruitment and retention of veteran employees. The program will succeed by being a support and informational group.  We will have programs and seminars on a variety of topics with a diverse array of speakers.   To obtain these goals:


  • A program representative in each division to advocate for the recruitment, advancement and retention of veterans.

  • Establish partnerships with other government agencies, private sector businesses and organizations to help in developing programs aiding veterans.

  • Network with Special Interest Groups to address -specific issues such as Diversity Outreach, Investigations, Technology, agency policy, and the education of both external and internal audiences.

  • Member networking luncheons at a variety of locations around the state.

  • "Vets Mentoring Vets” is a formal individualized program that provides for a member to obtain advice from senior government/business volunteers about career advancement. The program also provides professional presentations from key speakers on selected topics and networking among all participants. Additionally, to explore the possibilities of the mentoring program providing support to workforce and succession planning efforts.

  • Website that keeps our members informed on the latest news and events related indirectly and directly to Vets.