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Newsroom 2013 

News releases are posted by the Bureau of Land Management public affairs staff. If you have questions regarding a specific news release, please use the contact information listed on the release. 

BLM fulfills final Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act entitlement for Evansville (12/13/2013)
Iditarod National Historic Trail featured in New Movie (12/06/2013)
BLM fulfills final Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act entitlement for New Stuyahok (12/6/2013)
Teitzel named new BLM Glennallen Field Manager (11/18/2013)
BLM fulfills final ANCSA entitlement for Sea Lion Corp. and facilitates refuge land exchange (11/6/2013)
NPR-A oil & gas lease sale generates $2.9 million(11/6/2013)
BLM fulfills final ANCSA entitlement for Oceanside Corporation 10/28/2013
BLM Hold First Meeting for New Land Plan, Sets New Dates for Comment Period (10-25-2013)
New Date for Close of the Comment Period for Bering Sea Western Interior Plan (10-25-2013)
Science Center Back in Business (10/24/2013)
BLM-Alaska Resource Advisory Council to meet in Anchorage (9/30/2013)
BLM-Alaska Announces NPR-A Oil & Gas Lease Sale in November (9/30/2013)
BLM Outlines Aggressive, Flexible Strategy to Clean Up Legacy Wells
Federal Fall Season for Fortymile Caribou Closes Sept 8
BLM-Alaska Issues Patents for over 379,000 Acres (8/30/13)
BLM Temporarily Closes Table Top Mountain Trail (8/20/13)
2013 National Public Lands Day (8/16/2013)
BLM-Alaska to Analyze First Proposed Production Well (8/16/13)
BLM to Premiere New Film about Northern Alaska (8/5/2013)
BLM fulfills final ANCSA entitlement for Huna Totem Corporation 7/31/2013
Sec. Jewell Lauds President's Intent to Nominate Michael L. Connor as Dep. Sec. (07/30/2013)
BLM Enters Agreement with Sierra Club to Advance Opportunities for Vets. (07/30/2013)
Dept. of the Interior Contributed $371 Billion to U.S. Economy in 2012 (7/29/2013)
BLM to Prepare Bering Sea-Western Interior RMP (7/18/2013)
Bureau of Land Management and NACD Renew Their Partnership (07/16/2013
BLM-Alaska Announces the Delta River SRMA Approved Plan (7/1/2013)
North Slope Science Initiative seeks Science Technical Advisory Panel members (6/26/2013)
Interior Releases Nat'l Assessment of Geologic Carbon Dioxide Storage Potential (6/26/2013)
BLM-Alaska Announces Intent to Develop Central Yukon RMP (06/17/2013)
BLM, Tribes Continue Dialogue on Hydraulic Fracturing Rule (6/13/2013)
BLM Reopens Comment Period for Proposed Commercial Oil Shale Regulations (6/13/2013)
Interior Announces Nearly $400 Million in PILT Payments to Rural Communities (6/13/2013)
BLM Extends Public Comment Period on Proposed Hydraulic Fracturing Rule (06/07/2013)
BLM-Alaska Employees Honored With American Recreation Coalition Awards (06/06/13)
BLM-Alaska Announces New Deputy State Director for Resources (6/4/2013)
BLM Requests Nominations and Comments for 2013 NPR-A Oil & Gas Lease Sale (6/3/2013)
BLM-Alaska Campgrounds Update (5/29/2013)
BLM Presents 2013 "Making a Difference" National Volunteer Awards (5/24/2013)
Interior to Hire Nearly 17,000 Young People (5/24/2013)
BLM-Alaska Announces Recreation Facility Status for Memorial Day Weekend (5/22/2013)
DOI Releases Updated Draft Rule for Hydraulic Fracturing for Public Comment (5-16-2013)
Secretaries Highlight Fed. Preparedness for 2013 Western Wildfire Season (05/13/2013)
BLM Plan Outlines Legacy Well Clean Up Priorities, Actions (5/8/2013)
BLM Holds Public Forums to Kick Off Updates to Onshore Oil and Gas Orders (4/30/2013)
2013 Alaska Interagency Fire Crew Boss Academy (4/29/2013)
Land Management Rule will Facilitate Renewable Energy Development (4/29/2013)
BLM-Alaska Patents over 700,000 Acres to State of Alaska (4/24/2013)
BLM-AK Announces the Delta River SRMA Approved Plan (4/17/2013)
President Proposes $1.2 Billion for BLM in Fiscal Year 2014 (4/10/2013)
Interagency Arctic Working Group Releases Report (4/4/2013)
BLM-Alaska Seeks Advisory Council Members (4/2/2013)
Chena Lakes Area Prescribed Fire (3/29/2013)
Alaska Fire Service Smokejumpers Receive National Recognition (03/21/2013)
Fed. Agencies in AK to Improve Payment Process for Aircraft Leasing (3/15/2013)
2013 Presribed Fires Schedule
Secretary Salazar Finalizes Plan for 23 Million Acre NPR-A (2/21/2013)
BLM Seeks Nominations to BLM-Alaska Resource Advisory Council (2/8/2013)
Supplement to Eastern Interior Draft RMP/EIS Public Meetings (1/28/2013)
BLM-AK Releases Supplement to the Draft EIRMP (1/11/2013)

Fire Info

(For Fire Season 2013): As we progress through fire season, we thought it important to let you know where to find wildland fire information. The Alaska Interagency Coordination Center (AICC) is the primary location to find wildland fire information. The AICC Situation Report and the AICC Morning Highlights are useful documents with which to begin. The link to the Morning Highlights is the same but the design and name has been changed to Wildland Fire Updates. The updates may now occur throughout the day depending on fire activity. There are very useful features and links on the AICC page menu as well: Interagency newsroom, intelligence/reports, maps, fire weather, etc. Email will also be used to provide news releases and other time sensitive information.

In order to provide a wider range of options to present wildland fire information, AICC organizations are using social media:

Information Gathering/Additional References
BLM Alaska Fire Service account: @BLM_AFS
Alaska Division of Forestry account: @AK_Forestry
Bureau of Land Management account: @BLMAlaska
National Park Service account: @AlaskaNPS
US Fish and Wildlife Service account: @USFWSAlaska
Alaska Fire Consortium: @AKfirescience
BLM Alaska Fire Service account: BLM Alaska Fire Service
Alaska Division of Forestry account: AK.Forestry
Bureau of Land Management account: BLMAlaska
National Park Service account: AlaskaNPS
US Fish and Wildlife Service account: USFWSAlaska
Alaska Division of Forestry account: AlaskaDNRDOF
National Park Service account: AlaskaNPS
BLM Alaska account: BLMAlaska

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