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News releases are posted by the Bureau of Land Management public affairs staff. If you have questions regarding a specific news release, please use the contact information listed on the release.

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EPA Publishes NOA of Final IAP/EIS for National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (12/31/2012)
BLM Issues Oil and Gas Best Practices for Wildlife Protection (12/28/2012)
BLM and Sierra Club Announce Winners of Veterans Day Essay & Photo Contest (12/21/2012)
BLM Holds Public Scoping Meetings for New Vegetation Treatments on Public Lands in Western U.S. (12/21/2012)
Secretary Salazar Announces Milestone on McCoy Solar Energy Project (12/20/2012)
BLM Releases Kuskokwim River Fish Tissue Study Results (12/20/2012)
BLM Releases Haines Planning Area Draft Amendment (12/13/2012)
NPR-A oil & gas lease sale generates $898,900 in revenue (11/7/2012)
BLM Seeks Public Comments on Strategies for Controlling Invasive Plants along the Dalton Highway
BLM Announces 2012 Reclamation and Sustainable Mineral Development Award Winners (10/24/2012)
Interior Department Presents ?Partners in Conservation? Awards to Three BLM-Led Partnerships (10/19/2012)
Yukon Lowlands-Kuskokwim Mountains-Lime Hills Rapid Ecoregional Assessment (10/15/2012)
NPR-A Detailed Statement of Sale Available (10/5/2012)
NPR-A Lease Renewal in Umiat Area (10/01/2012)
Administration Announces NPR-A Oil & Gas Lease Sale in November (9/25/2012)
Ted Murphy named BLM-Alaska Associate State Director (8/3/2012)
BLM Issues Interim Final Rule Regarding Placer Mining Claim Maintenance Fees (07/27/2012)
BLM-Alaska Announces Scoping Period for Hunting Guide Capacity Study (07/26/2012)
BLM-AK to Issue a Supplement to the Draft EIRMP/EIS and Extend the Comment Period (7/3/2012)
Plan for National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska Receives 400,000 Comments (06/21/2012)
BLM to Premiere New Film at Arctic Interagency Visitor Center in Coldfoot (06/18/2012)
Comment Period for National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska Draft Plan extended to June 15th (5/26/2012)
Notice of Tundra Closure for National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska (5/21/2012)
BLM-Alaska Celebrates 150 Years of the Homestead Act (5/18/2012)
Media Advisory: BLM-Alaska Joins Facebook & Twitter, Become a Fan! (05/16/2012)
BLM-Alaska offers Active Duty Military Free Annual Pass to Public Lands (05/16/2012)
BLM Requests Nominations and Comments for 2012 NPR-A Oil & Gas Lease Sale (05/15/2012)
BLM-Alaska Seeks Five Nominations to Resource Advisory Council (05/04/2012)
BLM to Introduce Draft EIRMP/EIS at April 9 Fairbanks meeting (04/06/12)
BLM-Alaska Schedules NPR-A Meetings (04/24/2012)
BLM-Alaska hosts April NPR-A lecture series (03/23/12)
BLM-Alaska Releases Draft NPR-A Plan (3/29/2012)
BLM Seeks Nominations to Resource Advisory Councils (02/06/2012)
BLM-AK Releases Eastern Interior Draft RMP/EIS (2/24/2012)
BLM-Alaska Office of Communications to Change News Release Distribution (01/25/2012)
2012 BLM Reclamation and Sustainable Mineral Development Awards (01/25/2012)
Media Alert: BLM-Alaska to hold Twitter #tweetchat on 2012 Iditarod (1/27/2012)

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Trail marker installation near Takotna, AlaskaIditarod Centennial Partnership Improves a Living Piece of American History

The Iditarod National Historic Trail is celebrating its centennial through October 2012. The Iditarod NHT Centennial Partnership, led by the Iditarod Historic Trail Alliance, hosted a 5-year commemoration of the Trail's centennial. This non-profit membership organization also accomplished a number of Centennial Legacy projects will significantly benefit the Trail for the next 100 years.  Read more>>


Bud Cribley and other fedearl directors signing Long-Range Transportation PLanBLM signs Alaska Federal Lands Long-Range Transportation Plan

On Sept. 24, BLM-Alaska State Director Bud Cribley signed the newly completed Alaska Federal Lands Long-Range Transportation Plan to help federal agencies and the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities identify and prioritize Alaska’s transportation infrastructure and access on federal public lands in Alaska. The BLM worked with the National Park Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Forest Service, Federal Highway Administration, and Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities on this pioneering interagency approach.  Read more> 


Reindeer grazing on lichenReindeer Games on the Seward Peninsula

Reindeer (Rangifer tarandus tarandus) were first brought to the Seward Peninsula from Siberia in 1892 as part of a United States government-sponsored program to provide a reliable source of red meat and employment to Native Alaskans. Reindeer have shorter legs than caribou (Rangifer tarandus grantii); an experienced eye can detect the difference in the two breeds. Calving for reindeer occurs 15-20 days earlier than in other Rangifer breeds, including the indigenous caribou. These reindeer are also noted for their high ratio of muscle tissue to bone and the meatiness of the carcasses making them a desirable species to cultivate. Read more>


BLM Connections 

Updates, news and more from our community partners (and local media)

Real Progress Is Being Made

A total of 5 foresters representing several organizations including BLM have visited Napaimute this summer to observe our timber harvesting operation and to provide technical assistance. This might be some kind of record for forester visits to a community – especially for the Middle Kuskokwim. BLMers Ben Seifert and Eric Geisler are mentioned in the arcticle. Read the article> 

Alaska Firefighter Crews Headed to the Lower 48! 

The AICC reports that five crews departed from Alaska at 8 a.m. today (7/3/2012) for the lower 48 states. The crews were originally scheduled for Salt Lake City, UT to provide support to the Clay Springs Fire that is located four miles south of Oak City, UT. While in flight, the crews were reassigned to the Fontenelle Fire in Wyoming. The five crews from AFS and DOF that departed are: Nondalton, Kenai, Copper River, Venetie #2 and Fort Yukon #3. There are 100 personnel involved in this first mobilization to the lower 48 states since 2008. An additional jet load of 100 personnel is scheduled to depart for Wyoming on Wednesday, July 4. The location of eventual crew destination is based upon operational requirements. For current information, contact 907-356-5511 or email: Read the 7/3/2012 AICC Report>

BLM featured in Anchorage Daily News Article: 
BLM, state agree to plug old Arctic well, but need funding

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management has agreed to plug at least one additional abandoned well in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska provided it receives the money to do so. However, the issue of how or whether to address other so-called legacy well sites in the region remains under discussion between the agency and Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, or AOGCC. Read the entire article>

KSKA Radio features National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska

BLM-Alaska Arctic Field Office’s Stacy McIntosh’s talked about “People, Land, & Resources” of the NPR-A on KSKA Alaska Public Radio on Memorial Day, May 31. The talk was part of the first NPR-A science lecture series held at the Campbell Creek Science Center on Thursday evenings throughout April. KSKA also will post a web-link to Arctic Field Office Archaeologist Mike Kunz’s talk on “Prehistory of the NPR-A” and its story of human migration and the effects of prehistoric climate change on people and animals. It is information you don’t want to miss! Both of these recordings will remain in the KSKA archives. Listen to KSKA recording of People, Land, & Resources

A True Alaska Pioneer–Betty Smith is America’s Last Female Homesteader

Outside of Delta Junction, Alaska, in 1973, a local scrap dealer looking for logs for a cabin found a forest that BLM-Alaska offered up for 160-acre homesteads under the Homesteading Act.  Betty Smith forded a river to claim those acres and is the last woman homesteader today. 

Read the full article from the Journal Star: