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You're Invited! Help the BLM Campbell Creek Science Center Celebrate 20th Anniversary (09/12/2016)
BLM Alaska Seeks Nominations to Resource Advisory Council (08/26/2016)
BLM Fulfills NANA Village Land Entitlements (08/02/2016)
BLM Issues Decision on Exploratory Operations near Haines, Alaska (8-18-16)
Proposed Talkeetna Airport Lease (8/19/16)
BLM to Hold Public Meeting about Reducing Wildfire Risks near Gilmore Trail (7/29/16)
BLM-Alaska Announces Management Plan for Alaska's Eastern Interior (7/28/2016)
Director Kornze Finalizes Transfer of One-Million-Acre St. Lawrence Island to Alaska Natives (7/28/2016)
BLM to Analyze Proposed Production Well in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska (07/25/2016)
BLM Alaska Resource Advisory Council Subcommittee to meet (7/20/2016)
BLM to Adopt Online Reservation System for White Mountains Cabin Reservations (7/14/2016)
BLM Delivers Congressional Report About Contaminated Lands Conveyed (06/22/2016)
BLM Issues Fire Prohibitions for Federal Lands near Gilmore Trail (6/8/16)
BLM Alaska to Partner with other Federal Land Management Agencies on Visitor Access Survey (5/24/2016)
Agencies Release Study of ?West-Wide? Energy Corridors (5/20/2016)
Notice of Tundra Closure (5-10-2016)
BLM Releases North Slope REA (5/6/2016)
More than 1,700 students to attend Outdoor Week at CCSC 5-4-2016
Public Comment Period Open on the EA for Constantine Metal Resources LTD's Mining Plan (4-26-2016)
BLM Alaska unveils vintage-style commemorative poster of the Steese National Conservation Area (4/21/2016)
BLM Seeks Public Input on White Mountains Rules and Policies (4-6-2016)
BLM Requests Nominations and Comments for 2016 NPR-A Oil & Gas Lease Sale (3-31-2016)
BLM Artist in Residence to Give Presentation (03/18/16)
BLM Director Kornze Finalizes Transfer of 1,500 Acres to North Slope Community (3/17/16)
BLM Director Kornze Visits Legacy Well Sites in the NPR-A (03/16/2016)
BLM Director Kornze to Visit Alaska's North Slope (3/11/2016)
BLM Announces Public Meeting, Webinar on Land-use Planning Initiative (03/08/2016)
BLM to Host Series of Public Meetings in Fairbanks (3/1/2016)
Scoping Summary Report for Constantine Metal Resources (3-25-2016)
BLM's New Policy Will Reduce Threats to Migratory Birds (02/25/2016)
Major Clean-up "Legacy Wells" in NPR-A (02/17/2016)
BLM Alaska Announces New Resource Advisory Council Appointments (2-4-2016)
BLM Alaska Hosts "Sled Dog Tales" (1-13-2016)

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Fire Info

During fire season, it is important to know where to find wildland fire information. The Alaska Interagency Coordination Center (AICC) is the primary location to find wildland fire information. The AICC Situation Report is a useful document with which to begin. There are very useful features and links on the AICC page menu as well: Interagency newsroom, intelligence/reports, maps, fire weather, etc.

A new interagency blog (weblog) site has been developed to provide additional Alaska wildland fire information: Updates may now occur throughout the day depending on fire activity. Email will also be used to provide news releases and other time sensitive information.

In order to provide a wider range of options to present wildland fire information, interagency partners

are using social media:

Information Gathering/Additional References
BLM Alaska Fire Service account: @BLM_AFS
Alaska Division of Forestry account: @AK_Forestry
Bureau of Land Management account: @BLMAlaska
National Park Service account: @AlaskaNPS
US Fish and Wildlife Service account: @USFWSAlaska
Alaska Fire Consortium: @AKfirescience
BLM Alaska Fire Service account: BLM Alaska Fire Service
Alaska Division of Forestry account: AK.Forestry
Bureau of Land Management account: BLMAlaska
National Park Service account: AlaskaNPS
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BLM Alaska account: BLMAlaska

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