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This summer, I saw some of BLM-Alaska in a way I’d never experienced before. My family hosted BLM-Idaho Public Affairs Specialist Kris Long on a 600-mile loop from Anchorage to photograph Project Healing Waters at the Tangle Lakes area. Although I’d been working with images and information about BLM-managed resources in this area, actually seeing, breathing, feeling it—and watching others do the same—brought it alive!

This issue is about first perspectives and looking at BLM-Alaska in new and different ways. We hope these stories will encourage you to get out and experience what BLM-Alaska has to offer. If you can’t visit in person, sign up to ‘follow’ @BLMAlaska online on Twitter. However you do it, don’t miss out. Experience more of BLM-Alaska as I did. With 75 million acres under our management, we have many stories to share and experiences to discover. Thank you for taking time to read Frontiers and discovering some of what we offer.                               

— Karen J. Laubenstein

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