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Lynx. Photo by Chuck Lovely.
An elusive lynx, spotted briefly on Campbell Tract.
It was one of life’s defining moments—a glimpse of a large ashgold wildcat crossing BLM Road only yards away from the Anchorage Field Office—where it paused to glance my way before disappearing into the woods as if it had never been. I was close enough to see black-tufted ears and a black-tipped tail, golden eyes, and very long legs ending in felinelike fluffy large paws. I’ll never forget it. Nor that instant we made eye contact. It changed my feelings about this 730-acre tract of land in the heart of Anchorage! I later learned that wildcat I saw was a lynx—the only cat native to Alaska, and possibly weighing as much as 40 pounds. I also learned I wasn’t the first person at Campbell Tract to have a lynx encounter. That moment when I saw it crossing BLM Road about 100 yards from the field office, transported me into the wild, raw, great outdoors in a way nothing else could. Experience Alaska’s public lands this summer. Experience a Lynx Moment.

 — Karen J. Laubenstein

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