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BLM staffing manning the BLM booth at the 2011 Sportsman Show.I worked at BLM-Alaska’s booth recently at the Great Alaska Sportsman Show in Anchorage. It was a truly wonderful opportunity to meet people who camp, hike, fish, explore, photograph, float the Wild and Scenic rivers, watch wildlife, go gold panning, and otherwise enjoy BLM-managed public lands. Our exhibit featured BLM-Alaska’s fisheries program and recreational sportsfishing.

For this issue we received more photos or stories than fits in our issue. We plan to make some photos available on our BLM-Alaska website. I strongly encourage you to check our website for recreation news, activities and events, the land use planning process, our scientific reports, to download brochures, and so much more.

Our subscriptions are growing, and I credit both the outstanding people who help make BLM-Alaska Frontiers possible and you, our readers. Thank you.                                                    

 — Karen J. Laubenstein

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