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BLM Director Bob Abbey swears-in Bud C. Cribley as Alaska State Director while mrs. Cribley holds the Bible. Photo by Ronald laubenstein.On Dec. 1, BLM Director Bob Abbey installed our new State Director, Bud Cribley. It feels like a new beginning, not only for Cribley, but also for BLM-Alaska. Our State Director has spent his first weeks learning all he can about BLM-Alaska. He is also visiting the Glennallen Field Office, Fairbanks District Office and Alaska Fire Service.
This issue features winter biking, with stories and photos from Craig McCaa, Fairbanks District Writer-Editor. Also check out what Iditarod Trail teachers are doing, summer job opportunities, and more.

One of the difficult jobs of a managing editor for a news publication is when a story becomes part of us personally. That happened with our Alaska Smokejumpers Make-a-Wish story about 10-year-old Jedidiah Lusk in our last issue of Frontiers. I followed a daily online journal written by Jedidiah’s family. 
On Jan. 3, Jedidiah lost his 10-month battle with cancer, 
and I cried.

                                                     — Karen J. Laubenstein

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