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Staff from the BLM and Alaska Dept. of Natural Resources greet visitors to the Iditarod National Historic Trail replica shelter cabin exhibit during the 2010 Alaska State Fair in Palmer. Photo by Teresa McPhersonBLM-Alaska is looking forward to the arrival of new State Director, Bud Cribley, next month. We are also busy with the new Integrated Activity Plan/Environmental Impact Statement for all of the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska.

This issue features the remarkable efforts of Alaska Fire Service smokejumpers for going beyond their job duties and caring about others. There is the Make-a-Wish story of Jedidiah Lusk and stories of international work around the globe. We watched seasonal workers and students complete cabins, trail work, and more. Hundreds visited the Iditarod National Historic Trail Centennial exhibit at the Alaska State Fair for the second year in a row. These stories make me feel good about working for the premier land management agency. Please visit our website for more information at

                                  — Karen J. Laubenstein

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