Kid's Ice Fishing -April 14, 2012
Silver Lake, Alaska - Approximately Mile 15, McCarthy Road

Join the BLM and Wrangell Institute for Science and Environment April 14, 2012 for Kid's Ice Fishing along the McCarthy Road at Silver Lake, Alaska.  Adults will be on hand to teach kids the art of ice fishing.  Underwater cameras will allow kids to observe fish behavior below the ice.  Hot soup and beverages will be provided.  For rides or more information contact WISE at 822-3575 or BLM at 822-3217.

A girl holding a fish she just caught and wearing a big smileIn 2011, nearly 50 people of all ages turned out for the BLM and Wrangell Institute for Science and Environment's "Kid's Ice Fishing Clinic" held at Silver Lake in March as part of the Youth in the Great Outdoors initiative. The combination of bright sunshine and no wind created the perfect day for baiting hooks, hunkering down over ice holes, and catching nice, big rainbow trout! BLM Fisheries Biologist, Tim Sundlov and Natural Resource Specialist, Laurie Thorpe, set up a tent with an underwater video camera and monitor that allowed youth to observe fish behavior below the ice. Local dog musher, Diane Ellsworth, brought her sled dog team and gave rides. When it came time to give kids a ride home, organizers were rewarded with cries of, "Ahh, we want to fish more!" but promises had already been made to get kids home in time for dinner. Smiling kids that had connected with nature could be seen departing the lake walking softly and carrying a big fish!

A line of kids in the snow holding the fish they caught at the Kid's Ice Fishing Day2 kids sitting in a dogsled